The Book

We all want to have a loving, abundant and healthy life, so we should know the laws that truly guide us to achieve the life and evolvement God meant for us to have. Universal Spiritual Laws (USL) are the unbreakable God given laws that created and govern the physical and spiritual universes. This book presents the primary USL (Love) and numerous secondary laws (Freedom of Choice, Responsibility, Abundance, Joy, Forgiveness, Truth, Creation and others) that all relate to the primary law. Over many generations, unfortunately, mankind has replaced God’s USL with their own self-serving laws leaving our world in the condition it is today.

The USL were given to me by a highly spiritually evolved Goddess of Motherhood, Mercy and Compassion, Quan Yin, through Reverend Beverly Burdick-Carey, an ordained minister and a very gifted, evolved and certified medium. The spiritual source bypasses the human negative thinking, ego and desire for power and gives only TRUTH. Your thoughts, words and deeds, whether positive or negative, cannot escape USL and determine our physical and spiritual life and evolvement, which is our purpose here on earth. Since we create our own life’s path, follow the USL in a positive way to avoid having to repeat needed life lessons, speed your evolvement, and have an ideal life. How you follow the USL is your choice. It is also extremely important to know and understand that WE ARE ALL A PART OF GOD, not APART FROM GOD and GOD IS ALL and LOVE.

Good health is very important in life and with over forty years of medical and spiritual study and practice, I have learned that our life plans and health are created by our own mind, beliefs and soul. Therefore, I chose to briefly cover the healing aspects of each USL to help you improve your health and healing.

Use the knowledge, wisdom and truths given to me that comprises this book to better your physical and spiritual evolvement, healing and life. You can summarize this book in three words, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and TRUTH, but you need to learn, study and follow the USL to spiritually evolve and benefit from them. Know the truth and truth will set you free. Keep an open mind and heart and start with small steps and I wish you Love and Light.